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Very sporadically I add some things to my Tumblr. If you find things like Katamari and Lee Marvin walking down a corridor interesting then have a look at Some Nice Things, although they are probably things you have seen elsewhere (and weeks before I did).



Once upon a time there was an afternoon project that turned into a weekend project that turned into a website that turned into Toypaper. All that adds up to a HUGE amount of time spent cutting and gluing paper - far too much time if I am honest so it's time to put the cap back on the glue for a while.

If you are reading this expecting to find papertoys then don't worry, they all now live here, along with a few words on the reasons why.


I'm John, I design experiences for screen. I explore interactions & user experiences and create interfaces & visuals that work across multiple devices.

Over the past eleven years I have worked on projects for great clients such as the BBC, Adidas, Google, Channel 4, Kellogg's, Butlins, UTC ⁄ Chubb, Perkin Elmer, The Museum of Science and Industry, MCFC and Manchester City Council.

In addition to the use of current applications, I sketch, design wireframes, devise user journeys & stories and make both paper & digital prototypes. I have complimentary skills in photography, illustration, typography and moving image including filming, editing, animation and motion graphics.

I love working as part of a team, creating pitches, workshops, learning new things and meeting new people - my details are below if you would like to get in touch.